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Our Premium Memberships levels (Offered as Silver or Gold Memberships) are for those traders that are already experienced with eSignal and want to deploy more advanced EFS tools and solutions. These membership levels give you access to all the tools and solutions included with the STARTER membership level, plus many others.

Lastly, the Dev Guild which is designed to high-end EFS users that want to explore, develop and deploy fully automated trading strategies in addition to having access to all our trading tools. At this level, you are part of the development team, guiding the future development and attempting to find ways to improve the fully automated trading strategies we are deploying.

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Members Benefits

EFS-Tools.com offers all members the ability to access and use advanced trading strategies that are not available anywhere else. We also offer support, training, webinars and other services to allow you to gain the best success with our tools and services. If you are using eSignal or AlgoTerminal, then EFS-Tools.com is the perfect place to find dedicated developers and strategies for your personal use and success.

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Dev Guild

Join other professional EFS/AT developers in our quest

The Dev Guild provides very unique opportunities; share ideas, share concepts, share costs, share success. The quest we seek to overcome is the development of multiple successful trading strategies and fully automated trading solutions. Are you ready for your place in the Guild?

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