Developers Guild

This level of membership is for advanced traders that want to participate in a very unique and shared development experience. Guild members are the luck few that will share in the design, development, improvement and deployment of advanced automated and non-automated trading strategies for the Guild's personal use. Every Guild member will have the ability to share in the decision making and direction of our joint development. Every Guild member will have the ability to use, evaluate and identify improvements to the tools we develop. Guild memberships require a commitment from members. The concept of shared development, shared resources & tools as well as shared costs means you are joining a quest to develop the very best tools we can create as a team.

Years ago I came up with the idea of a "think tank for traders" where traders would direct the concepts and techniques that we would use to explore and identify successful trading opportunities within a variety of deployment modes. Imagine being part of a small, yet dedicated, team that is working towards developing the best tools for their own use and success. The Guild members are valuable resources and development partners that test, explore, identify solutions and suggest improvements to the Guild projects as we continue to develop better, more complete solutions - a think tank of traders developing tools for traders.

Lastly, the Dev Guild which is designed for high-end EFS users that want to explore, develop and deploy fully automated trading strategies in addition to having access to all our trading tools. At this level, you are part of the development team, guiding the future development and attempting to find ways to improve the fully automated trading strategies we are deploying.

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Developers Guild Members Benefits

Developers Guild members receive the highest access levels on our forum, access to all trading and training tools, all indicators & strategies and access to the Developers Guild forum where Guild members jointly develop and deploy advanced trading solutions (both fully automated and non-automated).

The Developers Guild is the best solution for advanced traders/developers that want to join a cooperative development Guild with the objective of developing multiple fully-automated and non-automated trading strategies exclusively for Guild member's use. Click the link below to learn more.

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Dev Guild

Join other professional EFS/AT developer in our quest

The Dev Guild provides very unique opportunities; share ideas, share concepts, share costs, share success. The quest we seek to overcome is the development of multiple successful trading strategies and fully automated trading solutions. Are you ready for your place in the Guild?

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