About EFS-Tools.com

EFS-Tools.com is dedicated to creating a community of traders and developers attempting to create incredible trading strategies.

Our community solution will be launched near the end of August 2018. Please join our Free NewsLetter to receive our announcements.

We are focused on finding people that want to learn to develop incredible automated and discretionary trading solutions as a community. This is not the location for people that are looking for cheap thrills/tools. This is a long term project where we will, as a community, attempt to develop fully automated and discretionary trading strategies taking our members through the entire process of development (from prototype to Alpha-state automation to more complete automation).

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Membership Levels

Membership Levels will become available as we get closer to the launch date for EFS-Tools.com

Prior to the launch of the renewed EFS-Tools.com site, we will announce new membership levels and pricing levels and offer a special discount for early subscribers near our launch date.

We know there are many people throughout the world that want to see what it is like to create and execute fully-automated trading solutions in eSignal and/or AlgoTerminal. In most cases, individual automation projects cost as much as $8~15k (depending on scale and scope) and can take months to completely test before they are ready real live trading. Our objective is to allow the community to share in the costs of development (discounted) and jointly create incredible solutions while our development team creates the coded strategies.

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Custom Development

Want our help building something specific to your needs? There are two ways we can assist you in building your own specialized trading strategy or Automated Trading Algo; first we can develop the project specifically for your needs as a consulting project or you can join the EFS Guild and participate in Joint Development Projects.


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