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Our specialized tools allow you to learn to spot trends, spot rotation, identify risks, identify opportunities and you make the call when to trade. You can learn from our examples and you can develop your own style of trading using our tools and other indicators provided with the eSignal or AlgoTerminal trading platform.

Membership Levels Determine Level & Sophistication Of Trading Tools

Our Membership levels are designed to provide individual users with the types and levels of tools that will best suite them. Silver members are provided tools for End Of Day trading and some intra-day trading. Gold members are provided advanced tools for intra-day and End Of Day trading. Guild members are provided all of our tools and are part of an advanced development guild where we create and share fully automated trading solutions as a team.

Our member forums and content allow you to learn from others, share your experiences and ask questions and learn from our examples. EFS-Tools.com is dedicated to helping you become a better trader and learning to identify trading opportunities and setups to allow you to develop your own skills and style of trading.

Community Based Learning

EFS-Tools.com is a community of traders and developers that are dedicating our efforts to developing and sharing advanced specialized trading tools for our own use. As a member, you will receive the ability to use the advanced tools that we offer currently and any new advanced tools we develop in the future - at no extra charge. Your membership will allow you to access to our member webinars and member forums where you can share your experiences or learn from others. The objective of this site is to create a community of traders that want to achieve greater success and continue to share and explore opportunities.

We urge you to consider the benefits you will receive by joining and participating. We believe this dedicated community of traders assisting others and developing specialized trading and modeling tools is a unique opportunity for every member to explore new opportunities and learn to become better traders.

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The Dev Guild provides very unique opportunities; share ideas, share concepts, share costs, share success. The quest we seek to overcome is the development of multiple successful trading strategies and fully automated trading solutions. Are you ready for your place in the Guild?

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