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Your EFS-Tools.com membership includes specialized indicators and trading tools that will help you find and explore unlimited trading opportunities. Each tool is designed to provide you with a multitude of deployment options and setup for your to learn to become better traders.

Swing Trading & Day Trading Tools

Depending on your membership level, you will be provided with various Swing Trading and Day Trading tools to assist you in finding and deploying successful trading solutions. You will also develop your own style and skills while using our advanced trading tools. Over time, you will gain the experience and knowledge to be able to execute and profit from your own favorite trade setups.

Using our free tools, you'll be able to learn from our examples how to identify and trade various type of different entry triggers as well as develop your own techniques. We suggest that FREE Members make a DONATION to this site or consider upgrading their memberships to better support our efforts in providing these tools and services.

Community Education & Webinars

Our goal is to provide you with the tools and skills to be able to find and share your success with other members - creating a community of traders that work together to assist others. We will not all be trading the same setups all the time. But we can learn from one another, like a user group, to help one another and build a strong community of resourceful and dedicated traders. Helping to keep one another away from risk and focused on opportunities.

Using our specialized tools, you'll be able to learn from our examples how to identify and trade various advanced types of entry triggers as well as develop your own techniques. You will also gain access to our Silver Level training, support, video tutorials and market updates.

Premium Memberships Include

  • Select Membership Access & Tools
  • Membership Level Forum Access
  • Membership Level eSignal EFS Scripts & Tools
  • Membership Trading Level Setup & Execution Training
  • Ongoing Forum Support for Trading Tools
  • Access to Premium Membership Webinars
  • Video Training and Market Updates

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