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Over the years, we have developed thousands of EFS trading scripts for our use and for clients. As a member of EFS-Tools, you will be allowed access to free EFS scripts for your own personal use. We hope you find them valuable and profitable in your efforts - and continue to support

All you have to do is Join (create a free account), then log into your new account and visit our member forums. There, you will find resources and links to download the free EFS scripts for your own personal use.

If you find these tools valuable and useful in your trading, then please consider a small donation to to continue supporting our efforts.

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MENT Enablement

MENT Enablement is a free tool for EFS script developers allowing you to lock and control use and access to your EFS scripts.

MENT Enablement is free for less than 25 users and is simple to setup and deploy for your EFS scripts.

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Join other professional EFS/AT developers in our quest

The Dev Guild provides very unique opportunities; share ideas, share concepts, share costs, share success. The quest we seek to overcome is the development of multiple successful trading strategies and fully automated trading solutions. Are you ready for your place in the Guild?

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